Erno Toth


Sajoecseg, Hungary

Currently Resides

Budapest, Hungary

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1974-1979 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest M.F.A.-Paintings 1964-1968 Secondary School of Fine Arts, Budapest B.A.-Sculpture


Erno Toth was born in the small village of Sajoecseg, on the northern tip of Hungary, in 1949. After finishing his AA degree as a sculptor at the Fine Art College, Budapest, he worked as a set designer and painter in the Hungarian Opera House. Working behind the magical scenes of the greatest operas and escaping reality can be now seen as an inspiration for his painting.

In 1978 he received his master’s degree as a painter from the University of Fine Arts, Budapest. His teacher’s were Ivan Szilard and Barcsay Jeno. Erno’s earlier work is characterized by his theatre background and depict a magical world enchanted with mythological figures, Commedia dell arte-esque pieces. This changes into a grotesque symbolism, but Toth is still able to keep the magic and the charm of his creatures. This shift can also be seen in his choices of colors; first his paintings are dominated by the colors of green, blue and red, which later expands to the usage of yellows and ochers.

He feels at home in his own self-made fantasy world, but he is not naïve to ignore our world. Toth's paintings have lots of humor. His art is like a big open fairytale book with characters of clowns, musicians krampus, and various fantasy animals. His favorite and oft repeated theme is the Musicians of Bremen by Grimm. In the past years, he also made bronze sculptures. One of his latest, and most famous works, can be found in Budapest, Graphisoft Park, depicting Steve Jobs.

Awards and Honors:

  • 1982 International Award-Humor and Satire in Art, Gabrovo, BULGARIA

Solo Exhibitions:

Work Featured In:

  • Mindennapi Pszihologia (Everyday Psychology) Magazine
  • Deri Museum in Debrecen
  • Muveszet (Art), Magazine
  • Munkacsy Milhaly Museum, Bekescsaba, HUNGARY
  • Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, HUNGARY
Erno Toth Collection

The Cat Choir
100cm x 90cm / 39in x 35in

Deep Ocean
100cm x 75cm / 39in x 30in

Music With Birds
70cm x 110cm / 28in x 43in

Clown King I
50cm x 70cm / 20in x 28in

Clown King II
50cm x 60cm / 20in x 24in

Piero in Love
54cm x 30cm / 21in x 12in

110cm x 80cm / 43in x 31in

Clown with a Goat
90cm x 110cm / 35in x 43in

Blue Bird
52cm x 40cm / 20in x 16in

160cm x 60cm / 63in x 24in

Musicians of Bremen Scene with Donkey
120cm x 100cm / 47in x 39in

100cm x 130cm / 39in x 51in

120cm x 100cm / 47in x 39in

Noah's Arc
130cm x 120cm / 51in x 47in

60cm x 47cm / 24in x 19in

Rocking Horse
90cm x 60cm / 35in x 24in