Zsuzsa Kron


Uzhhorod, Russia

Currently Resides

Budapest, Hungary

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1994-1996 Workshops in Italy
1990-1994 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest Certificate Program and Workshops
1976 Uzhhorod National University - M.S

Hermann Hesse describes my work philosophy the best, especially in his Nobel Prize winning work the “The Glass Bead Game. Here is one of my favorite quote from the book.

It is the secret of beauty and the real substance of all art. The poet who praises the splendors and terrors of life in the dance-measures of his verse, the musician who sounds them in a pure, eternal present—these are bringers of light, increasers of joy and brightness on earth, even if they lead us first through tears and stress. Perhaps the poet whose verses gladden us was a sad solitary, and the musician a melancholic dreamer; but even so their work shares in the cheerful serenity of the gods and the stars.  What they give us is no longer their darkness, their suffering or fears, but a drop of pure light, eternal cheerfulness. Even though whole peoples and languages have attempted to fathom the depths of the universe in myths, cosmogonies, and religions, their supreme, their ultimate attainment has been this cheerfulness.”

I love painting landscapes but not in a treaditional way. I breakaway from the conventional and use my own style to depict a city or a countryside. This is not easy, but the challenge what makes it exciting for me. I like use bold colors and contrasting colors like orange and blue green and lavender. The bolder the colors, the stronger the effect of the paintings are and therefore, easier to take away ones thoughts from the everyday life and worries. I paint with a conscious mind and over the years my perspective about my art and sense of directions have become clearer and softer. I know what I want. I have looked at my painting with a critical eye and trough a microscope. This helped me to create art that has quality and significance. If I can resonate my feelings and vision in my art and make people feel the same, then I am satisfied, because I know I have created something’s meaningful and worthy.

Group Exhibitons:

  • 2011 21st Arts Festival, Debrecen, HUNGARY
  • 2011 Hungarian Landscape Competition, Hatvan, HUNGARY
  • 2010 Hotel Gellert, Budapest, HUNGARY
  • 2009 Porto S. Giotgo, ITALY
  • 2009 Aquarelle Competition, Eger, HUNGARY
  • 2008 Hotel Gellert, Budapest, HUNGARY
  • 2006 ARTICUM, Szolnok, HUNGARY
Zsuzsa Kron Collection

80cm x 70cm / 31in x 28in

Rooftops of Szentendre
65cm x 55cm / 26in x 22in

75cm x 55cm / 30in x 22in

Visegrad II
70cm x 60cm / 28in x 24in

Summer at Szentendre
64cm x 48cm / 25in x 19in

85cm x 60cm / 33in x 24in

70cm x 60cm / 28in x 24in

Sunset at Winter times
75cm x 55cm / 30in x 22in

70cm x 60cm / 28in x 24in

Portogruaro II
65cm x 49cm / 26in x 19in