Adel Kiss


Monor, Hungary

Currently Resides

Budapest, Hungary

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2002-2007 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest M.F.A.-Painting
2004-2007 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest M.A.-Education, emphasis on Visual Art
2000-2002 Eszterhazy College, Eger B.A.-Drawing and Visual Communication


Adel Kiss was born in Monor in 1982, a small town near Budapest. She graduated from the University of Fine Art, Budapest in 2007 majoring in painting. Her masters were Dora Maurer, Peter Foldi, Istvan Nagy and Rita Kopek, all award winning painters of Hungary.

Beyond her love of painting, Adel is also interested in photography, performance and installation art. This has influenced her work also, where she creates multiple paintings, which then become part of a series, part of an installation. This type of installations allowed her to play with her work and arrange them and re-arrange them to different configurations.

She feels comfortable using strong, bold colors like chartreuse, maroon and royal blue. The colors help emphasize Adel’s figures' emotional state of mind. Currently Adel is interested in the subject of water and its various renderings, forms, transformations and symbolism. Her figures often are appearing in water, behind a foggy glass and on wet surfaces.

Awards and Honors:

  • 2013 Prohaszka Studio Street Art award, Budapest, HUNGARY
  • 2012 The 59th Annual Fall exhibition, Vasarhely, HUNGARY
  • 2010 Expectations 2010 International Award, Berlin, GERMANY
  • 2003 Pannon-Color Award, Budapest Hungary

Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2013 MELANCHOLIA, Monar Gallery, Monor, HUNGARY
  • 2012 Strange land, Walden Gallery, Dobogóko, HUNGARY
  • 2010 MASKS, Tolnay Salon, Madách Theater, Budapest, HUNGARY
  • 2009 LITTLE STORIES, ELTE BTK, Applied Linguistics Dep., Budapest, HUNGARY

Work Featured In:

  • 59th Fall Catalogue, Vasarhely, HUNGARY 2012
  • RepertoART, Magazine 2011
  • 58th Fall Catalogue, Vasarhely, HUNGARY 2011
  • Faces and Destinies Exhibition Catalogue 2009
Adel Kiss Collection

In the Rain
70cm x 100cm / 28in x 39in

After a Long Day
120cm x 60cm / 47in x 24in

Rear View Mirror
150cm x 100cm / 59in x 39in

A Walk in the Forest III
80cm x 80cm / 31in x 31in

A Walk in the Forest I
70cm x 100cm / 28in x 39in

A Walk in the Forest II
70cm x 100cm / 28in x 39in

Sinking II
30cm x 40cm / 12in x 16in

Sinking I
50cm x 120cm / 20in x 47in

130cm x 90cm / 51in x 35in

120cm x 60cm / 47in x 24in

In My Mind
120cm x 60cm / 47in x 24in

130cm x 90cm / 51in x 35in

Let Me In!
113cm x 103cm / 44in x 41in

Let Me Out!
40cm x 30cm / 16in x 12in