Maria Raunio


Forsa, Finnland

Currently Resides

Budapest, Hungary

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2007-2013 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest M.A. Education specializing in Visual Art 2005-2011 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest M.F.A-Painting 1999-2000 University of Stranieri, Italy-Italian Language and Culture 1999-2000 University of Perugia, Italy,- Department of Mathematics 1998-2002 University of Helsinki, Finnland B.S-Math

Born in Forssa, Finland. Surrounded by the art world, her parents being play writers and set designers, she starts studying paintings and drawing at age 5. Math is also something that she is interested and very good at, so she ends up receiving her math degree from the University of Helsinki. “I love teaching math and I would like to make it fun for others as well” she says in an interview in 2013.

Her life takes an interesting turn when she falls in love and moves to Hungary, where she re-discovers her love for art again. Completes her studies at the Hungarian University of Fine Art in Budapest and starts her journey in the art world. Her paintings are filled with emotions that is juxtaposed to the minimal use of color.

She expresses so much sentiments with just colors of black and white, brown and gray that it almost feels like that it is impossible to take it in when you look at her paintings. Pencil, chalk and oil paint, those are the three mediums that dominate her art, yet what a powerful combination. For Maria it it is important to have harmony on her paintings, theme, color, style and ratio. All these need to be in a perfect sync I order to deliver the message intended by the artist.

Awards and Honors:

  • 2013 LindArt Fine Arts Symposium, Lendava, SLOVENIA 1st prize
  • 2010 Palazzo Rinaldi Artists’ Residence, Noepoli, ITALY
  • 2009 Barcsay Prize, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, HUNGARY
  • 1999-2000 Erasmus Scholarship, University of Perugia, ITALY

Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2013 Art Market, Budapest, HUNGARY
  • 2013 Börzsöny Museum, Szob, HUNGARY
  • 2013 Ari Kupsus Gallery, Budapest, HUNGARY
  • 2013 Regina Gallery, Turku, FINNLAND
  • 2013 Kájoni Cultural Center, Budapest, HUNGARY
  • 2012 Viikki Church, Helsinki, FINNLAND

Work Featured In:

  • Uj Muveszet
  • Hungarian Contemporary Artists Lexicon
  • Elite Magazine
Maria Raunio Collection

Expecting triptichon I
200cm x 140cm / 79in x 55in

50cm x 70cm / 20in x 28in

On a swing
140cm x 200cm / 55in x 79in

Expecting triptichon II
140cm x 180cm / 55in x 71in

Expecting triptichon III
200cm x 200cm / 79in x 79in

50cm x 70cm / 20in x 28in

Portrait of a women
50cm x 70cm / 20in x 28in

80cm x 80cm / 31in x 31in