The largest-ever Picasso exhibition in Budapest, entitled “Picasso – Transfigurations, 1895-1972”, spans the painter’s entire oeuvre of 77 years, paying particular attention to one aspect: the constant transfigurations in his portrayal of the human figure, László Baán said. It shows among others “The Barefoot Girl” Picasso painted at the age of 14, as well as a piece he painted in 1972, just a year before he died. Most of the works including paintings, drawings, sculptures and other artwork are on loan from the Picasso Museum in Paris, complemented with pieces from museums in Jerusalem, Basel, Bern and Moscow, as well as pieces from Hungarian public collections, Emilie Bouvard, of the Paris museum, said, The first time Budapest hosted a Picasso exhibition was in 1910, Mr. Baán revealed, adding that the current one will run until July 31.


May 16, 2016 |Posted by ArtGallery73 in News

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