Hedva Ser work at Kfar Maccabiah, International Sport Village

We are so very proud to have among our artists such an inspirational and talented woman Ms. Ser is a UNESCO Artist for Peace, and recipient of the prestigious Legion d’Honneur and the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres awarded by the French government.

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“Give me a museum and I’ll fill it”, a famous quote from Picasso. This time, the works of Picasso will fill a museum in Budapest. “A large-scale exhibition showing over 100 works by Pablo Picasso will open in the Hungarian National Gallery on Friday” (22nd of April), the museum’s director said.


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The Norton Simon Museum’s Multi-Million-Dollar Nazi Restitution Case of Two Paintings by Cranach the Elder, Explained

After a series of court rulings over nine years, the lawsuit against the Norton Simon Museum mounted by Marei von Saher, sole surviving heir of the Dutch-Jewish art dealer Jacques Goudstikker, is slated to proceed to trial. The battle centers around claims by von Saher that two Lucas Cranach the Elder paintings, stolen by the Nazis during World War II and currently on view at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California, should be restituted to her. The case against the museum has caught the attention of the art world, not just because of the artwork’s storied past and value (which is in the tens of millions), but because of the case’s complicated and contentious legal history.

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Posted May 16, 2016

Bigger Better Budapest

If you want to understand Budapest, buy a subway ticket. The oldest electrified metro line in continental Europe lies below the Hungarian capital, running parallel to one of the youngest.

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Posted January 28, 2016

Come taste Budapest and see the art scene with ArtGallery73!

The city of Budapest is divided into many districts and each has to offer something exciting like coffees, museums and theaters. The Eight's district if getting the attention with its Greenwich Village like feel. Our gallery can even introduce you to the artist who designed the Matrjoska restaurant.

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Posted December 27, 2015

The 15 Most Influential Art World Cities of 2015

There are many ways to take stock of influence in the art world—critical reception, popularity, and market prowess are among them. As the art world continues to expand, that becomes all the more difficult. We’re in a moment of regionalization—with art scenes thriving in São Paulo, Singapore, and Istanbul—as much as we are in one of consolidation around the global financial capitals of New York and London, with a core contingent of the art world making a yearly migration, crisscrossing the globe to visit them all

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Month of October

"California Collection" of Angelika Toth

Good News!! | There are still some pieces left of Angelika's works. Set up a private viewing and tour to see her California Collection.

TIME: Ongoing

PLACE: Art Gallery 73

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March 19th, Thursday 2015

Angelika Toth - Los Angeles Show

This is your last chance to talk to Angelika about her "California Collection" created exclusively for ArtGallery73. Besides the wonderful paintings that were very well received during her Long Beach show, you can also get a taste of Hungarian wines and appetizers.

TIME: 4pm-8pm

PLACE: Hungarian Cultural Alliance - MAGTAR

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March 15th, Sunday 2015

Come and see the newest pieces of Angelika Toth!!

Please come and check out the California Collection of Angelika Toth's newest pieces.  Exclusively made for ArtGallery73.

TIME: 1pm-4pm

PLACE: Saylin

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